new year, new photographer | part 1

So we recently moved to the Washington DC area from Florida and got to experience our first #snowzilla , which brought about lots of excitement for the first two days. But after what seemed like the 100th snow day in a row, we needed to discover some new activities to do inside since the snow was getting a little old. So I pulled out the camera and we decided to have a "photo shoot". Only this time, my children weren't the subjects, I was. It started with them taking pictures of mommy's growing belly and after looking at a few of them, I realized that I'm REALLY bad at pulling off "the natural look" in front of the camera. I was super uncomfortable, I didn't know what to do with my hands, my posture sucked, I didn't know where to look, do I smile or no smile? Gosh, it's tough being the subject, especially when it was just me. I didn't have my kids with me to help hit my insecurity. And then it hit me, how do my clients know what to do if I don't help give them direction? And how can I … [Read more...]

week #1 – self portrait

First of all, I have to start this photo challenge with a few apologies just to be fair. 1. I am not a blogger, nor am I a good writer, so I apologize in advance for my numerous grammar mistakes and missing words. 2. My tips and tricks are not by the book. I've actually had no formal training in photography, I've just done a lot of late night "Pinterest" and blog reading and even more real life shooting experience. I'm just sharing what I've learned along the way to help other " "photog" enthusiasts. 3. There will probably be a lot of challenges related to kids, sorry, it's my life right now and I'm constantly challenged with balancing my passion for photography and my passion for my children. 4. Not really an apology, but this challenge doesn't require you to have a fancy DSLR camera (although will be useful for some of the challenges), you can use your iPhone, point-and-shoot, whatever you have. So with that, let's start with the first challenge... Week #1 - So after intense … [Read more...]