Summer 2016

North Branch, MI | Finally updating my blog with some of the beautiful images I was able to take over the summer. Love all my clients...   … [Read more...]

week #13 – routine

Week #13 - We all have routines, some we love, some we dread. This week we will snap a picture of one. This one may be hard to get creative with, but I have no doubt that you'll surprise me. This will challenge us to step out of the box and snap an image of something we do everyday. It will give us all a glimpse of what your day consists of. Tips/tricks - Embrace the details. It is tempting to try to capture everything in one picture. We all love a good portrait image because everyone is in them but there is also a beauty in the details. Detail shots are what brings certain images to life – they show the little moments that are part of the bigger picture. People may think you are weird because you “forgot” to include someone’s face or entire body but you should do it anyways! Telling the story of your life requires looking at the details. … [Read more...]

week #4 – something you love

Week #4 should be a pretty easy one for us all. We all have items/people/activities we love in our life, so this week take the time to take a picture of it. Tips/tricks - For many of us, our first instinct will be to take a photo of our children, because they are probably the thing we love most in our lives. They were definitely my first thought when I decided on this challenge. However, that wasn't really a challenge (for me at least), since 99% of the photos I take are of my children. So I rethought my image and decided to challenge myself to capture details that make me who I am. This will help me with my wedding and family shoots, so I can capture little details that they love and that tell a story about who they are. So take a moment and think about something you love in your life that you would never take a photo of and then capture it! I decided on my coffee cup from Argentina. I love to travel and LOVE coffee, so it just made sense to do this shot. I also have a slight … [Read more...]