week #13 – routine

Week #13 - We all have routines, some we love, some we dread. This week we will snap a picture of one. This one may be hard to get creative with, but I have no doubt that you'll surprise me. This will challenge us to step out of the box and snap an image of something we do everyday. It will give us all a glimpse of what your day consists of. Tips/tricks - Embrace the details. It is tempting to try to capture everything in one picture. We all love a good portrait image because everyone is in them but there is also a beauty in the details. Detail shots are what brings certain images to life – they show the little moments that are part of the bigger picture. People may think you are weird because you “forgot” to include someone’s face or entire body but you should do it anyways! Telling the story of your life requires looking at the details. … [Read more...]

parker | babies

Pompano Beach, FL - This family is at home on the beach, so there was no better backdrop for their photos this year! … [Read more...]

week #12 – black & white results

Week #12 had a fantastic turn out, the results are amazing! I love the use of light, shadows and the cool textures you took advantage of. These images really truly look timeless and nostalgic, great framers! Amanda Swoish Me Kathleen Reed Mary Beth Jacobson Liz Makedonsky Samantha Dionne Payge Bashore Julie Morehead Elaine Czazckowski Alicia Hartwick Crystal Dhooghe … [Read more...]

week #12 – black & white

Week #12 - Taking a black & white (B&W) image may sound easy, since most cameras, phones and editing programs allow you to simply convert your image from color to B&W now-a-days. However, there are many aspects to consider when removing color to create an image that evokes emotion, uses light and shadows make your image pop and allows textures stand out that are normally overlooked. B&W images can be very powerful, they are actually my favorite kind of images to hang on the wall since they are timeless. They convey so much emotion because when there's no overpowering/vibrant color, all you focus on is the look on the person's face or what is happening in the photo. The other thing to take advantage of in a B&W image is the light and shadows. Use these to draw attention to your subject and add contrast, since contrast is the main way to convey dimension in a B&W image. For instance, below I used the light from window hitting Ann's face to highlight her … [Read more...]

week #11 – halloween results

Week #11 - Halloween is such a fun holiday for both the kiddos and us adults. I had the pleasure of having my mom come stay with us this year and she made Halloween even more fun since she loves it so much! It was great seeing how you all celebrated too! Liz Makedonsky Me Samantha Dionne Kathleen Reed Tara Greenaway Alicia Hartwick Jody Brusie Kim Gyomory Amanda Swoish Alyssa Novotney   … [Read more...]

week #11 – halloween

Week #11 happens to be Halloween, so I know there will be tons of photo opps this week with cute costumes, spooky decorations, pumpkin carving and many more traditions that make this holiday so much fun for both the kids and us grown ups :-) Send me your images by next Sunday (day after Halloween) so I can feature them in next Sunday's post! Tips/tricks - Have fun and share this post, hoping to get a lot of participation this week! … [Read more...]

week #10 – candid results

Week #10 - Our candid challenge produced some really sweet images. I just love how each image tells a story about the subjects in the image. Keep it up ladies! Amanda Swoish Liz Makedonsky Kathleen Reed Mary Beth Jacobson … [Read more...]

nate & kim | families

North Branch, MI - Meet Kimberli and her boys...         … [Read more...]

jake & carly – families

North Branch, MI - So glad I was able to do a session with this cute family...Charlotte cracked me up the whole time with her expressions...                      … [Read more...]

casey & cathy | families

North Branch, MI - So beauty in this post, it was hard not to post them all!           … [Read more...]