nick & cassandra | engagements

Washington, DC – I was so honored to do this very special engagement shoot for my brother and his lovely bride-to-be in our nation’s capital. It couldn’t be more fitting for these two who have given their service to the US Army. My brother who is a 1st LT Officer and Cassandra, who is a Veteran SGT will be married in November on no better day than Veteran’s day. Looking forward to adding another Brusie Babe to our family.

Nick & Cass Engagement63 Nick & Cass Engagement67Nick & Cass edited1Nick & Cass edited3Nick & Cass Engagement72Nick & Cass Engagement73Nick & Cass Engagement74Nick & Cass Engagement76Nick & Cass Engagement79 Nick & Cass Engagement80Nick & Cass Engagement93Nick & Cass Engagement97Nick & Cass Engagement95Nick & Cass Engagement86 Nick & Cass Engagement91Nick & Cass Engagement90Nick & Cass Engagement100Nick & Cass Engagement99blog1 Nick & Cass Engagement7Nick & Cass Engagement10Nick & Cass Engagement13Nick & Cass Engagement14 Nick & Cass Engagement17Nick & Cass Engagement18Nick & Cass Engagement21 Nick & Cass Engagement24 Nick & Cass Engagement25 Nick & Cass Engagement28 Nick & Cass Engagement29Nick & Cass Engagement30Nick & Cass Engagement38Nick & Cass Engagement40Nick & Cass Engagement44 Nick & Cass Engagement45Nick & Cass Engagement46Nick & Cass Engagement47Nick & Cass Engagement48Nick & Cass Engagement51Nick & Cass Engagement54Nick & Cass Engagement1


  1. linda vizard says:

    wow these pictures are as beautiful as i though they would be.. you can feel their love and happiness.. they are truly blessed to have you capture the beginning of the rest of their life <3

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