week #9 – autumn results

Week #9 results made me REALLY miss Michigan. Everyone sent me beautiful images of the trees changing colors, cool weather and fall time treats. The closest thing we get to cool weather down here is that it drops from the 90’s to the upper 80’s, lol. So technically, I can’t even wear my favorite fall boots, like I took a picture of below. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Look forward to tomorrow’s post for week #10!

Liz MakedonskyWeek #9 Autumn5MeWeek #9 Autumn1Julie MoreheadWeek #9 Autumn2 Kathleen ReedWeek #9 Autumn7 Bridget FleckWeek #9 Autumn6 Amanda SwoishWeek #9 Autumn4

Alicia Hartwick

Week #9 Autumn3

Alyssa Novotney

Week #9 Autumn8

Mary Beth JacobsonIMG_3835

Tanya Singh


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