week #9 – autumn

Week #9 – Sorry I’ve been a slacker the past two weeks, but I’m back and have a great challenge ready for us. It’s October and that means autumn is upon us. I miss this season so much being down in Florida, I miss all the colors, smells and wearing my boots! We are still stuck at 90 degree temps and a thunder storm every afternoon, but I guess I’ll take it since it’s pretty nice come January, lol. So what I’ve started to do this time of the year is fill my house with fall candles and decor to trick myself into the happy thoughts of fall 🙂

For our challenge this week, let’s see what are your favorites about fall!

Tips/tricks – For this time of the year, take full advantage of all the color! I’m so jealous of all the color change I’m starting to see up north. Use a wider aperture to give your photos a misty, bokeh effect to them, especially in the morning hours when you have a little dew on the ground. Try to avoid shooting in the bright sun, the beautiful fall colors will be blown out and you’ll get harsh shadows.

Good luck!

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