week #7 – the sky

Week #7 will be a little easier than last week. It’s something that I’ve started noticing and appreciating more since I started photography…the sky. For me, an evening sunset, starry sky or cloud filled horizon are one of God’s most beautiful creations. I’ve taken many shots of my backyard at sunset, which you’ve probably seen if you follow my work. But for me, I’d like to improve my night photography, specifically the stars. I’ve seen some amazing work by other photographers, where they can capture the dimensions of the night sky in a way our eyes have trouble seeing.

But for this week, feel free to capture the sky at your favorite time of the day and send it to me! I look forward to seeing what you do!

Tips/Tricks – For night photography, use a tripod and manual focus. These are two biggies that I’ve learned to do. If you don’t have a tripod, simply rest your camera on a hard surface. You will have your shutter open for a long period when capturing the night sky so any slight movement totally blurs your image. And stay away from light pollution like street lights, house lights, etc. They will drown out the light of the stars. Lastly, unlike our previous moon challenge, you’ll want to make sure there’s a new moon, since the moon creates a lot of light as well!

Good luck!

Arkansas 20151

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