week #6 – out of focus

Week #6 is going to be a bit challenging for all of us. We’ve always been taught that a good image is crisp, clear and IN focus. In fact, that’s one of the biggest challenges for me as a photographer is to make sure all of my images are in focus, especially when there’s low lighting or lots of movement. So what happens when you see an image that’s not in focus, but it strikes your attention? I’ve seen a lot of photographers using a technique called “free lensing”, which is extremely hard to do. However, if you can master it, it can create the most whimsical, dreamy-looking images. I’ll explain how to do it in my tips and tricks below. But for this week, I think we can challenge ourselves to take an image that’s out-of-focus image that can still tell a story or show movement. A fellow photographer once quoted, “sometimes the best focus, is out of focus” – Jodi Bodke of Giving Tree Photography. She’s definitely nailed the out of focus shots, her work is ahhmazing!

Tips/tricks – Free lensing is a technique that you can only do with a camera and detachable lens unfortunately, but this doesn’t mean you can’t participate in this week’s challenge. If fact, if you use your phone to capture an image of your children running, you’ll see that “out of focus” is easily done πŸ™‚

So like I said, free lensing is a trick that I definitely haven’t mastered, but I’ve been practicing. Β It’s also a good way to get dust and dirt on the sensor of your camera, so please be careful! The first thing you’ll want to do is turn your camera to manual, adjust your settings to the available lighting and your focus to manual. Turn your lens all the way to infinity. Then turn your camera off and detach the lens. Turn it back on then hold your lens very close to the body, almost as if you’re about to attach it again. You’ll notice that everything is very blurry except one area, you’ll want move your lens around until you have the “in-focus” spot on the object that you want in focus and everything else will look very blurry, almost watery-like. See the images below, they are my attempt at free lensing. I’m somewhat happy with the way they turned out and how I got some cool light reflections, but I’m going to work on it this week with all of you!

Excited to see what you can do…

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