week #5 – summer treats results

Week #5 is bitter “sweet”, it means summer is coming to a close and we are remembering all the treats we want to keep in our memories to get us through until next summer. Here’s all of your summer treats!

Elaine Czaczkowski – Bike rides on the farm.

Photo challenge #56Alicia Hartwick – Summer Treats-Ice cream cone dipping our toes in the water to finish up a hot summer day.Photo challenge #53

Danielle Goncalves – Even my pooch gets her summer treat. doggie ice cream.Photo challenge #51

Liz Makedonsky – My new favorite summer treat…yummy, especially when you add it to a glass of vanilla ice cream!

Photo challenge #54Amanda Swoish – Lake time.

Photo challenge #57Kathleen Reed – Summer treat is swimming in our pond grandma and grandpa dug in 1967.Photo challenge #55Tara Greenaway – Summer Treat: happy hour snacks (and beverages!) everyday on “the knoll” overlooking Great East Lake at “camp” in New Hampshire.

Photo challenge #511

Mary Beth Jacobson – Drinking from the hose…(I have to say, I loved doing this as a kid too!)Photo challenge #510Bridget Fleck – Camping with wine…Photo challenge #59

Alyssa Novotney – Popcorn on the porch.Photo challenge #58Kim Gyomory – Ice cream!

Photo challenge #52

Me – Boating under the stars…

Arkansas 20151Julie Morehead – Sweet tea and boat rides…



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