week #4 – something you love results

Week #4 – This challenge was so fascinating, I love seeing what you love. I included everyone’s caption because I thought it was important.

Danielle Goncalves – My favorites “things”, my photos…(I’m lucky enough to have taken some of these for Danielle 🙂

Photo Challenge Week #47

Crystal Dhooghe – Never realized how much I loved the fresh water lakes of Michigan until I had to move to Texas! Ahha was blessed to be able to capture this sunset when I was home a couple weeks ago out on lake Michigan. Really fit this week perfect for me!

Photo Challenge Week #415Catherine Brusie – #‎somethingilove‬ the fact that this is my work office and the opportunity to have something I’ve always loved as my job:)

Photo Challenge Week #412Cassie Sohn – I Love the Beatles, I Love street performances, and I Love to travel the world. This picture is taken at the John Lennon Wall in Prague, while listening to the song “imagine” being performed by this musician. That is what I will always love.

Photo Challenge Week #46

Kathleen Reed – I love so many things – hard to choose but I do love flowers! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite.

Photo Challenge Week #48Julie Morehead – For ‪#‎jjbrusie‬ photo challenge Things I love .. Dancing in the kitchen.. Summer nights . My hubby.

Photo Challenge Week #411Amanda Swoish – Other than my kids and of course Troy-my two loves, baseball and my old dog!!

Photo Challenge Week #410Alicia Hartwick – Sitting outside with a good book in my hand, sipping on wine with my doggies at my feet.

Photo Challenge Week #49

Alyssa Novotney – Sunday Morning walks with my family!

Photo Challenge Week #413


Tanya Singh – Go Blue!


Jody Brusie – Something that I , “Pure Michigan Beaches”

Photo Challenge Week #414

Tara Greenaway – Mama reptiles 🙂

Photo Challenge Week #44

Liz Makedonsky – Something I love (other than my 3 amazing children and my awesome hubby) – Grandpa’s Farm

Photo Challenge Week #45Bridget Fleck – One of my most favorite things, the church that I grew up in and got married in!

Photo Challenge Week #43

Payge Bashore – Her dog Maxine.

Photo Challenge Week #42Mary Beth Jacobson – Her wedding ring.

Photo Challenge Week #416Last, but not least…Me – I love my wedding ring as well and my 5 year anniversary gift…an infinity band. Thank you hubby!

Photo Challenge Week #41



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