week #4 – something you love

Week #4 should be a pretty easy one for us all. We all have items/people/activities we love in our life, so this week take the time to take a picture of it.

Tips/tricks – For many of us, our first instinct will be to take a photo of our children, because they are probably the thing we love most in our lives. They were definitely my first thought when I decided on this challenge. However, that wasn’t really a challenge (for me at least), since 99% of the photos I take are of my children. So I rethought my image and decided to challenge myself to capture details that make me who I am. This will help me with my wedding and family shoots, so I can capture little details that they love and that tell a story about who they are. So take a moment and think about something you love in your life that you would never take a photo of and then capture it!

I decided on my coffee cup from Argentina. I love to travel and LOVE coffee, so it just made sense to do this shot. I also have a slight fetish with bracelets, especially my Pura Vida bracelets that my friend Tara introduced me too.

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