week #3 – the moon

Week #3 is an exciting one for me because it’s something I’ve always wanted to improve on, it’s capturing the moon! And this weekend happens to be a full moon, yay! I don’t have many tips and tricks for this one, but hope to learn something as I practice my skills this weekend. But I will share what I do know about night photography and using a DSLR camera to take the picture. However, as always, these challenges do not have to be done using a DSLR camera, you can use your cell phone to capture some creative shots of the moon like I’ve shown below. Get creative with having the moon in your frame!

Tips/tricks – For night photography, it’s smart to use a tripod or to set your camera on a steady surface since you have low lighting and any movement during the shot can make your image blurry. Also, from what I’ve read (going to test it this weekend) it’s easy to overexpose the moon because it’s so bright compared to the night sky, so you don’t want to use a slow shutter, more like 1/250th of a second. ISO 100 and aperture at f/5.6.

The image below was shot with my iPhone, I’ll have my camera image up with the rest of your images next week. I need to test my skills this weekend. Good luck!!


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