week #2 – silhouettes

Week #2 – Silhouettes. If you follow my photography, you’ll notice I do a lot of silhouettes. It’s my take on being artsy fartsy. They are typically shot best at my second favorite time of the day for photography…the “blue” hour. The blue hour is similar to the “golden” hour (which we will do as a future challenge), but the blue hour is the time after the sun has set and the sky gets a gorgeous purple/blue above the horizon. These skies make for an awesome silhouette image since your light is very diffused and your sky is very dimensional (similar to the first image below).

However, there’s no need to wait until the sun has set to get a great silhouette, all you really need is strong source of light behind your subject, which is called backlight. You don’t even need a fancy camera either, I captured the second image below with my iPhone.

Tips/tricks – So here are some things to keep in mind when doing silhouettes. 1. Like I stated, make sure you have backlight and have little or no light in the foreground, meaning no flash. 2. As far as composition, you’ll want to make sure you can actually see the shape of your subject. If people are your subject, make sure they aren’t standing too close together or in front of each other because they will look clumpy. I usually lay on the ground when shooting so that a majority of their body is above the horizon as well. 3. If you are shooting with SLR camera, make sure your exposure is set for the brightest part of the sky (or background) and focus on your subject so it is crisp.

June 2015 edited1IMG_0893

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