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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of shooting my first bridal portrait session with one of my lovely brides. I quickly realized that this shoot was definitely a win-win situation for both me and my bride. For starters, I got a sneak peak of her veil and of course the DRESS! This really helped me to visualize which poses would work best for her on the actual wedding day.

Second, it took a lot of stress away from the wedding day since she had a chance to become comfortable with my camera in her face 🙂 We photographers get a little nervous as well when it comes to photographing you beautiful brides. My nervousness tends to wear off after shooting zillions of “getting ready” photos. But this bridal session really helped me to build an even better comfort level with her, which came in handy for the big day!

And lastly, who doesn’t want more photos of themselves in the most expensive dress in their closet? The actual wedding day doesn’t always allow much time for bridal shots, so why not splurge for a session where you can have fun in your wedding gown and heck, many even throw a few boudoir shots in for your future hubby?

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