chelsea and her men | families

I’ve been photographing this adorable family since they were a family of just two, now there’s four! So fun to see them grow…

Chelsea Schutz Edited75Chelsea Schutz Edited13 Chelsea Schutz Edited14 Chelsea Schutz Edited19 Chelsea Schutz Edited16 Chelsea Schutz Edited20 Chelsea Schutz Edited22Chelsea Schutz Edited33Chelsea Schutz Edited35Chelsea Schutz Edited36Chelsea Schutz Edited39Chelsea Schutz Edited40Chelsea Schutz Edited42Chelsea Schutz Edited45Chelsea Schutz Edited48Chelsea Schutz Edited51Chelsea Schutz Edited52Chelsea Schutz Edited56Chelsea Schutz Edited62Chelsea Schutz Edited65Chelsea Schutz Edited66Chelsea Schutz Edited68Chelsea Schutz Edited67Chelsea Schutz Edited70Chelsea Schutz Edited71Chelsea Schutz Edited73Chelsea Schutz Edited77Chelsea Schutz Edited79Chelsea Schutz Edited78Chelsea Schutz Edited81Chelsea Schutz Edited84Chelsea Schutz Edited85

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