ellie turns one | babies

Elizabeth Ann “Ellie”, turned a year old last week and I was lucky enough to be home to snap some adorable shots of her and her mommy and daddy.

Ellie photoshop28Ellie photoshop21Ellie photoshop2Ellie photoshop25Ellie photoshop7Ellie photoshop60Ellie photoshop46Ellie photoshop59Ellie photoshop70Ellie photoshop58Ellie One Year #21Ellie photoshop64Ellie photoshop65Ellie photoshop13Ellie photoshop5Ellie photoshop29Ellie photoshop37Ellie photoshop31Ellie photoshop11Ellie photoshop27Ellie photoshop23Ellie photoshop34Ellie photoshop19Ellie photoshop39Ellie photoshop35Ellie photoshop42Ellie photoshop51Ellie photoshop55Ellie photoshop52Ellie photoshop26Ellie photoshop30Ellie photoshop32Ellie photoshop18Ellie photoshop20Ellie photoshop12Ellie photoshop48


  1. Ruth Koehler says:

    These are the cutiest picturers. Really enjoyed them. Of course being Ellie’s great-grandma I would think the picturers were cute. You did a great job with the back grounds and ideas.

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