yoga mommies | portraits

Last week I had the opportunity to work some amazing women. You would have never guessed that they have both given birth to two beautiful children by the looks of their portraits below. They both teach yoga here in South Florida at Evolution Fitness and if you’re lucky enough to get into a class, you can learn how they developed their exquisite physiques. Thanks ladies for teaching me a little about what you love, I hope to do more sessions like this one!

Jen Yoga Edited6Jen Yoga Edited13Jen Yoga Edited18Jen Yoga Edited3Jen Yoga Edited7Jen Yoga Edited15Jen Yoga Edited4Jen Yoga Edited25Jen Yoga Edited9Jen Yoga Edited24Jen Yoga Edited14Jen Yoga Edited11Karen Yoga Edited15Karen Yoga Edited16Karen Yoga Edited23Karen Yoga Edited5Karen Yoga Edited26Karen Yoga Edited7Karen Yoga Edited10Karen Yoga Edited6Karen Yoga Edited17Karen Yoga Edited18Karen Yoga Edited11Karen Yoga Edited2Karen Yoga Edited20




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