kelly & billy | weddings

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 we had big fat snow flakes falling in eastern Michigan. Two days later, Kelly and Billy said “I do” under a picturesque, sunny sky. I believe it was a small sign from the bride’s late father, letting her know how happy he was for her on her special day.¬†I know Kelly from my 4-H days, we used to show pigs together at the county fair.

The weather wasn’t the only thing perfect about her wedding day, it started with a trip to the salon with the girls to get their “hair did”, a champagne toast at her sister Abby’s house and even a mother-of-the-bride rescue by “yours truly” from her car getting stuck in the mud (funny story), topped off with beautiful Catholic ceremony and stunning¬†reception overlooking Lake St. Clair.

Congratulations Kelly and Billy!

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