week #3 – the moon


Week #3 is an exciting one for me because it's something I've always wanted to improve on, it's capturing the moon! And this weekend happens to be a full moon, yay! I don't have many tips and tricks for this one, but hope to learn something as I practice my skills this weekend. But I will share what I do know about night photography and using a DSLR camera to take the picture. However, as always, these challenges do not have to be done using a DSLR camera, you can use your cell phone to capture some creative shots of the moon like I've shown below. Get creative with having the moon in your frame! Tips/tricks - For night photography, it's smart to use a tripod or to set your camera on a steady surface since you have low lighting and any movement during the shot can make your image blurry. Also, from what I've read (going to test it this weekend) it's easy to overexpose the moon because it's so bright compared to the night sky, so you don't want to use a slow shutter, more like … [Read more...]

week #2 – silhouettes results

Photo Challenge Week #26

Week #2 for our photo challenge was another success I'd say. I just love the variety of silhouettes and pretty pink and blue skies. Great work everyone and I hope you all learned a little from this challenge :-) Crystal DhoogheKathleen ReedChaunie BrusieJulie MoreheadKathleen ReedValerie Czaczkowski Christina Wood Alyssa NovotneyAlicia Hartwick Amanda SawchukLiz MakedonskySandy CzaczkowskiLeslie Coonfield Elaine Czaczkowski Mary Beth Jacobson Natalie Amaro Jordan Moses Calyssa SmithFranky Vitale   … [Read more...]

week #2 – silhouettes

June 2015 edited1

Week #2 - Silhouettes. If you follow my photography, you'll notice I do a lot of silhouettes. It's my take on being artsy fartsy. They are typically shot best at my second favorite time of the day for photography...the "blue" hour. The blue hour is similar to the "golden" hour (which we will do as a future challenge), but the blue hour is the time after the sun has set and the sky gets a gorgeous purple/blue above the horizon. These skies make for an awesome silhouette image since your light is very diffused and your sky is very dimensional (similar to the first image below). However, there's no need to wait until the sun has set to get a great silhouette, all you really need is strong source of light behind your subject, which is called backlight. You don't even need a fancy camera either, I captured the second image below with my iPhone. Tips/tricks - So here are some things to keep in mind when doing silhouettes. 1. Like I stated, make sure you have backlight and have little … [Read more...]

week #1- self portrait results

Photo Challenge Week 118

Week #1 - Well we've completed week #1 of our photo challenge and I'm so impressed with not only the participation, but also the creativity by all. I love how some captured their favorite facial feature and others captured the people and activities that make them who they are. I know this was a bit of a "challenge" for some of us to be the subject of our own images, but hopefully this helped you see how beautiful (and handsome) you are. Check out the results below and get ready for week #2 to post tomorrow night! … [Read more...]

week #1 – self portrait


First of all, I have to start this photo challenge with a few apologies just to be fair. 1. I am not a blogger, nor am I a good writer, so I apologize in advance for my numerous grammar mistakes and missing words. 2. My tips and tricks are not by the book. I've actually had no formal training in photography, I've just done a lot of late night "Pinterest" and blog reading and even more real life shooting experience. I'm just sharing what I've learned along the way to help other " "photog" enthusiasts. 3. There will probably be a lot of challenges related to kids, sorry, it's my life right now and I'm constantly challenged with balancing my passion for photography and my passion for my children. 4. Not really an apology, but this challenge doesn't require you to have a fancy DSLR camera (although will be useful for some of the challenges), you can use your iPhone, point-and-shoot, whatever you have. So with that, let's start with the first challenge... Week #1 - So after intense … [Read more...]

jake 2016 | portraits

Jake Final74

North Branch, MI - Jake is like a "little" brother to me...Well, he's not so little anymore, he will be a senior in high school next year and then following in the family footsteps of heading off to Michigan State University. Go State!! … [Read more...]

sarah & shawn | families

Sarah B Final79

North Branch, MI - This pretty mama is responsible for making my hair look good twice a year. It's always to treat to see the miracles that Sarah can do. It was an absolute pleasure finally meeting her beautiful baby girl... … [Read more...]

rachel & jim | families

Zyrowski 201593

North Branch, MI - How cute is this family? I just love them! … [Read more...]

alex & michelle | families

Michelle G. 2015 Final40

North Branch, MI - I give you Michelle and her handsome men :-) … [Read more...]

hannah 2016 | portraits

Hannah Senior Final64

Lapeer, MI - Senior portraits are something I don't do a lot of, but I was fortunate to have the beautiful Hannah for this session, she made my job easy. … [Read more...]